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Hello, I'm
Samuel Coman

Magento Developer / Backend Developer


  • Name: Samuel Coman
  • Email: samicoman (at) gmail.com
  • Phone: +40 767 302 760
  • Skype: samuel.coman2
  • Address: Brăilei 205, Galați, Romania.

Professional Profile

Magento Developer with a focus on Backend, DevOps & Testing.

Working with Magento since 2012.

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  • Magento 2.x
  • Magento 1.x
  • Wordpress, Woocommerce
  • AWS
  • PHP 7, PHP 8
  • XML, REST, GraphQL
  • MySQL, MariaDB, Redis
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON
  • Containerization (Docker)
  • CI (Jenkins, Pipelines)
  • Unit Testing (PHPUnit, Karma)
  • Git, XDebug, Linux

Magento 2.x

Expert, 5 years

Magento 1.x

Expert, 10 years


Advanced, 7 years

JS, jQuery, Angular, Bootstrap

Advanced, 7 years


10 Years of Magento

My work experience consists mostly of Magento development (APIs, 3rd party integrations, modules, themes) and some WordPress websites. I've worked in agencies and corporations, on location and remote, project based and long term, contract and employee, from 1-man-team to 30+ persons team.


Magento Developer

2015 - 2022
Pentalog is a computer and technology services company, focusing on low cost offshore/nearshore IT engineering and software development. Based in Orléans, France, Pentalog has offices in Germany (Frankfurt/Main), Romania (Bucharest, Brasov, Iasi, Sibiu and Cluj), the Republic of Moldova (Chisinau), Vietnam (Hanoi) and Israel (Tel Aviv). International business represents 50% of its income and the company is currently in a process of expansion in Western and Northern Europe, as well as in North America.

Magento Developer

2015 - 2019
Toptal connects start-ups, businesses, and organizations to a growing network of the best custom software developers in the world. Our engineers are available full-time, part-time, or hourly and are able to seamlessly integrate into your team.

Wordpress Developer

2016 - present
CazaneCentrale.ro is a HVAC retailer. Going online the previous year, in a niche that was not well established yet, the client wanted to take the biggest piece of the market share he could get.
The Adgency

Magento Developer

2014 - 2015
Outsorced to Mindbench Active Media, I and my teammates developed on a rental application based on Magento. This project gave me the opportunity to see and understand a big part of Magento and it was definitely a challenging project. The application is now used in 400+ locations in Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.

Project Manager

2013 - 2014
I've been in charge with project management from start to the end. Having chats with the clients, providing estimations, finding solutions, planning projects, creating tasks, all were parts of my daily routine. Challenging and fun at the same time.

Web Developer

2013 - 2014
Most of the projects were given to us as PSD's and we had to make them websites. Magento, Wordpress or Joomla. I've taken care of all the Magento ones and some of the others too. Sometimes designs were asked from our side too so I had to make those also.

SEO Specialist

2012 - 2013
Most of the time I was creating content related to our clients websites and placing it into proper places so that Google rankings would increase.


Magento 1.x Frontend Developer

Certification, License - y29dus53f6

2013 - Present
University "Dunarea de Jos" Galati

Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Science

2010 - 2014
National College "Mihail Kogalniceanu" Galati

Mathematics & Informatics

2006 - 2010


Some of my work throughout the years.

If you want to find out more details about one of the projects please contact me using the contact page.


Business entity details:


No. Registrar of Companies: F17/236/2019

VAT CODE: RO40946203

Address: Str. Brailei, Nr. 205, Bl.A5, Sc. 9, Et. 10, Ap. 401, Galati, State/Province Galati




IBAN code (RON): RO23BTRLRONCRT0497872501

Samuel Coman
Brăilei 205,
Galați, Romania
+40 767 302 760

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